For those living in largely populated cities, or near a highway, railroad or airport, noise-reducing doors are built differently to help keep outside sounds outside. In some parts of the country, building codes may require you to install noise-reduction products, so you’ll want to check with your building professional.

But even when local codes don’t demand it, we all want to make our homes quieter and more peaceful — without compromising our personal style. That’s why Therma-Tru has developed a superior noise-reduction system that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to install.  

Our noise reduction systems provide a commercial level of sound dampening with the beauty of a residential door, all at a competitive price point. Our innovative exterior door system receives an excellent Sound Transmission Class (or STC) rating. And you can add noise reduction lites to get added security with laminated glass surrounded by an attractive glass frame that won’t warp, crack or yellow.

Let Therma-Tru show you how appealing noise-reducing doors can be.

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