Protect your home against severe storm damage, such as heavy winds, rain and flying debris, with Therma-Tru’s impact-rated doors and glass. You’ll get the high performance you need without sacrificing beauty. Make sure to check with a local building professional to make sure your door is up to the most recent code requirements of your location.

What is “impact rating” all about?

Certain portions of the country are considered Wind Borne Debris Regions (WBDR) & High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). These are regions of the United States located in mostly coastal areas, with special building codes to make sure homes are built with safety in mind. Therma-Tru has designed and tested our Impact-rated doors and glass to meet these regional codes — while maintaining the beauty our doors are known for.

To make sure they meet these standards, our impact-rated doors pass a large missile impact test. We blast a 9 lb. 2” x 4” stud into the doors at 34 mph to prove they’re the better choice for strength and stability!

Ask your building professional to confirm your local building codes and help you find a Therma-Tru product that meets all of your needs.

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