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I want to update the color of my door. What type of paint should I use?

If you’re purchasing a new entry door, we recommend having it finished with our PrismaGuard finishing system, which is available through our dealers. However, if you plan to paint your door yourself, we recommend using an acrylic, water-based, exterior paint.

How long does it take to install a new entry door?

While installing a door may seem like something that can be done quickly and easily, it can take a bit more time to be completed correctly. Removing the existing door and prepping the various system pieces, as well as the opening, adds time to the overall installation process. In addition, door installation requires tools that you may or may not have and usually requires more than one person.

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What are corner seal pads and why are they important?

Corner seal pads are a small and inexpensive way to help block wind-driven moisture infiltration at the bottom corners of your door system.

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Door Education
From the door to the hinges and sill – and beyond. A complete Therma-Tru door system features pieces and parts that are engineered to work together.
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Finishing Your Door
Have questions about staining or painting your Therma-Tru door? Find answers here.
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Door Installation
How do I install a door? What tools do I need? How long will it take? Find answers to common installation questions.
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Door Care & Maintenance
Get tips and information on how to keep your entry door looking its best.
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