What goes into a complete door system?

Go beyond just the door and explore the unique pieces and parts of a complete entry door system, from the hinges and sill to the glass and finish. Click on the areas below to learn more.

Engineered to Work Together

Therma-Tru complete door systems are engineered with craftsman precision offering uncompromising quality inside and out. Explore how each piece and part works together.

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Components & Accessories

Therma-Tru manufactures or specifies every component of the complete door system to bring your home durability and reliability through the years. These components are engineered to work together to provide weather resistance and energy efficiency, and they’re backed by our warranty.

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Therma-Tru Door Collections

Whether it’s Classic or Contemporary – or somewhere in between – Therma-Tru offers a wide selection of doors to complement virtually any style. Find choices in design, texture, material and more.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that each piece and part of a door system has a unique role?

If one area isn’t working properly, then the whole door system can be compromised. Find out more about the benefits of a complete Therma-Tru door system with genuine Therma-Tru pieces and parts. View the Therma-Tru Difference

Do you know what an astragal is?

An astragal is the center area that separates a double door. It covers the margin between the doors to help seal against air and moisture infiltration while providing added stability to the entire door system. Learn more about astragals and how to replace them, if needed, here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

From questions about warranties to finishing and everything in between. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

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Common Door Terms

What is an astragal? What is handing? And what is a sidelite? From A-Z find these and other common door terms used in the industry to help you better understand your project.

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Determine Your Door’s Handing

Do you have a right-handed inswing door? A left-handed outswing door? Find out how to determine your door’s handing and swing here.

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Whether it’s Classic or Contemporary – or somewhere in between – Therma-Tru offers a wide selection of doors designed to meet evolving trends while complementing the architecture of your home and your sense of style.

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