Choosing the color of your door is an important part of how your entryway will look, along with your selection of texture, material, glass and finish. So how do you choose a door color that will look great on your home? Get inspired from our Pinterest community and read on for some tips on how to choose the perfect color for you door. 

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Where to Start?

Start with your personal preferences. Do you prefer a bold color, or do you want more of a natural look? Consider your personal style. Are you more modern, classic, traditional or eclectic? Then look to your home for inspiration. What color is your roof? What material and color are your exterior walls, your decking or patio, shutters or other exterior trim?

The color wheel is the science behind how colors work together, and it will help you feel confident about your choice. Use it to show you colors that naturally go well together and create an attractive color scheme for your door entryway and home exterior.

The monochromatic (single color) palette

Take one color, add a little white or black, and see the variety of color that can be created.

The analogous (three or more color) palette

Look to the color wheel to see three or more colors which are next to each other. These colors typically provide a unique but harmonious look.

The complementary (or opposite) palette

Colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel from each other are considered complementary to each other and typically provide a vibrant look.

The triangle palette

Choose a color on the color wheel, then draw a triangle to see the other two colors which can be used in harmony with that color.