You're in expert hands.

Choosing a Therma-Tru door means designing an inspired entrance with the confidence that it will perform for years to come.

Whether it’s Classic or Contemporary – or somewhere in between – Therma-Tru offers a selection to complement the architecture of any home and a homeowner’s sense of style.

With a complete door system engineered with craftsman precision and backed by more than 55 years of industry experience, you can be confident that it will perform as exceptionally as it looks.

That’s where the beauty of choosing Therma-Tru begins.

What our partners have to say.

More than 20 YEARS using Therma-Tru

“Therma-Tru gives you the flexibility with their catalog and the number of options and price points that our customers have.”

 Craig V., Van’s Lumber and Custom Home Builders in Wisconsin

More than 10 YEARS using Therma-Tru

“It’s easy to partner with a manufacture who can stand behind you because you feel you have a sense of comfort. You feel you've done your best job, the manufacture has done their best job and it makes it easy for the customer to feel safe in their purchase.”

Daniel B., Barefoot and Company in North / South Carolina

More than 30 YEARS using Therma-Tru

“It’s not always about the product, sometimes it’s about the people. They know them, they trust them. If they have a problem, they know they will be there to take care of them.”

Todd M., Wood-Shed in Colorado

More than 15 YEARS using Therma-Tru

"It gave us tremendous value in our exterior elevations. Our customers want their home to be unique. With Therma-Tru, there is tremendous product depth and the ability to do different things we can’t do with wood doors."

Ed B., Arthur Rutenberg Homes in Florida

More than 8 YEARS using Therma-Tru

“Therma-Tru is unique because they have an entire system that includes the door, the glass, the frame, the sill…everything has been quality tested for performance.”

Bill D., Woolf Distributing in Illinois

The Brand Professionals Trust Most*

We’re proud to be the leading entry door Brand Used Most* for more than 20 years, all backed by the industry’s most comprehensive full system warranty.

*Brand Use Study, 2021 Builder magazine.

“When I hear Therma-Tru, I think of quality, market leadership and support. We use Therma-Tru because they have the most extensive glass selection and a complete door system backed by one warranty – that’s huge. And their local sales team is excellent.”
Tim C., Dealer in Florida | More than 20 YEARS using Therma-Tru
“Builders rely on us to provide products that will perform. The warranty gives us confidence to offer Therma-Tru doors to our customers. That, and we’ve never had any problems with Therma-Tru doors. The product quality is consistent. Therma-Tru also offers one of the largest glass selections available in the industry and the most true-to-wood look on a fiberglass door.”
Kevin K., Overhead Inc. in Ohio | More than 25 YEARS using Therma-Tru
“A builder trusts the dealer they work with and this relationship is very important to us. We buy our doors through a local lumberyard and have used Therma-Tru for more than 10 years. The Therma-Tru brand conveys trust and quality. it's what the dealer recommends to us. There's no reason to look for another product.”
James A., Gulfstream Development in OH | More than 10 YEARS Using Therma-Tru
“Therma-Tru has consistent specs…regardless of what dealer it comes from the pieces, parts and dimensions remain consistent. Customers are happy and we have no call-backs – Therma-Tru offers a reliable product.”
Tracey S., Buckeye Real Estate Group in Ohio | More than 15 YEARS using Therma-Tru

Quality you can trust from the #1 entry door.

More than 55 YEARS in the business with a proven track record of integrity and reliability.

20+ YEARS as Brand Used Most by more building professionals than any other entry door brand.*

COMPLETE DOOR SYSTEM with components engineered to work together at the most critical points.

TOTAL CONFIDENCE in our lifetime limited warranty, the most comprehensive of its kind covering doors, glass and components.

THOUSANDS OF DOOR STYLES for virtually any home style at a range of price points.

WIDE ARRAY OF GLASS DESIGNS handcrafted to reflect home design trends and homeowner desires.

Variety of INTERACTIVE TOOLS AVAILABLE to help you visualize the perfect door for your home.

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