Modern: Relaxed Retro

Home Style Trend

Modern design continues to prioritize a connection with nature to open up the home—but a new wave of nostalgia has brought about fresh looks that nod to the past, from Mid-Century Modern to ’70s retro. Hints of eclectic design and material mixing come together to create a warm, textural aesthetic. As homeowners look to bring asymmetrical elements from the indoors out, the front entry makes the perfect focal point.

Eclectic Goes Modern

Eclectic design takes the modern trend from art deco to a carefree bohemian vibe with gentle angles and a warm textural look.

Warm Minimalism

Sleek and linear wood accents and cladding add warmth to homes that represent the Modern Revival trend, including Modern Shed, New-Century Modern, Modern Prairie and Modern Cabin.

Material Mixing

A wave of interest in nostalgia brings broader retro design into focus with a mix of materials, such as stacked brick and board and batten seen in New Century Modern homes.