Casual: Fresh Terrain

Home Style Trend

The clean and familiar roots of casual design continue to provide comfort, turning the home into a welcome retreat. Creating a calming environment with nature-inspired textures and materials and an abundance of natural light has never been so important. The entryway is a natural extension of these attributes, as homeowners look to achieve a seamless transition between indoors and out.

Calming Environment

The Casual Haven trend appeals to those who crave comfort and want to turn their home into a personal retreat. The clean and familiar roots of casual design help create a calming environment.

Natural Light

Living spaces expand to the outdoors while natural light and organic textures and materials are welcomed in home interiors to highlight seamless indoor/outdoor living.

Familiar Roots

Classic, clean elements with modern styling mix with cozy details for a familiar feel in homes such as Modern Craftsman, Modern Farmhouse, Modern Cottage and Scandi Barn.