Woodgrain Door Surround

Flat Trim - TDG-FLTFLT

Wood Grain Flat Trim Door Surround

Add a beautiful, finished look to the entry with a stylish, low-maintenance door surround. Woodgrain Flat Trim provides a versatile look, and pairs best with Modern Prairie, Stylish Shed and Mid-Century Modern homes.

Style Options

Door surrounds are available in a variety of heights, widths and styles to fit your door configuration and complement your home’s architectural details. Please contact your local retailer for product availability in your market.


    Side: 4" Header: 4"

    Side: 4" Header: 6"

    Side: 6" Header: 4"

    Side: 6" Header: 6"

Available Configurations

Door Surrounds are available for specific door configurations. Please see your retailer for additional questions. 

Available Door Surround Configurations