Classic-Craft® Collections

Extraordinary in every detail. Classic-Craft’s five collections offer premium entryways that are truly unique and uncompromising in every detail. Blending architectural character and detailed precision, everything about a Classic-Craft entryway looks, feels and sounds like an authentic wood door. 


Classic-Craft® American Style Collection™
Classic-Craft® Mahogany Collection™
Classic-Craft® Oak Collection™
Classic-Craft® Rustic Collection™
Classic-Craft® Canvas Collection®

Classic-Craft® American Style Collection™

The simple vertical lines and Shaker-style recessed panels of Classic-Craft American Style premium fiberglass entryways blend timeless looks with modern design for an entry that is the perfect complement to a variety of homes.

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Classic-Craft® Mahogany Collection™

Especially suited for European, Victorian and Colonial home styles, Classic-Craft Mahogany premium fiberglass entryways are a sophisticated, elegant option for homeowners looking to make a statement by creating dramatic, grand entrances.

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Classic-Craft® Oak Collection™

With warm wood graining, Classic-Craft Oak premium fiberglass entryways are designed as the perfect complement to homes with traditional styling.

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Classic-Craft® Rustic Collection™

Designed to complement American Southwest and European-inspired home styles, Classic-Craft Rustic premium fiberglass entryways feature casually elegant wood graining that can be coordinated with decorative glass and accessories to create enchanting entrances.

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Classic-Craft® Canvas Collection®

The first premium smooth, paintable fiberglass door to carry the Therma-Tru brand name, Classic-Craft Canvas is designed for homeowners seeking the aesthetics of a sleek, modern entryway that can be adapted to suit multiple styles.

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Premium in Every Way

Right Down to the Edge

Unlike the bullnose profile typical of other fiberglass doors, this solid hardwood square edge delivers a genuine wood appearance.

Details That Define a Custom Door

Crisp, handcrafted elegance creates embossments that are deeper than standard fiberglass doors.

More Than 10% Wider Glass

Wider glass (compared to other standard fiberglass doors with similar styles) welcomes more light into your home and creates a distinctive entryway.

Beauty on the outside. Brawn on the inside.


Enhanced Weather Resistance

No more worries about rotting, warping or twisting wooden doorways. Classic-Craft premium entryways are tested and designed to resist extreme weather conditions and the damaging effects of moisture. Both the top and bottom of the door are protected by composite rails for a longer-lasting entryway.


Solid Security

Classic-Craft premium entryways feel solid and close with authority. A 4-1/8" wide beam of engineered lumber runs from the top to the bottom of the locking side of the door to add mass and rigidity, giving the door weight and a natural wood feel.


Excellent Durability

Built to stand up to the elements and years of wear, Classic-Craft’s fiberglass skins are thicker than other standard fiberglass doors, for added durability and better long-term performance.


Higher R-Values

Classic-Craft premium entryways contribute to an energy-efficient home. A polyurethane foam core provides up to four times the insulating R-Value of wood. (Comparison of fiberglass to wood doors, both without glass.)


Edge-to-Edge Moisture Protection

Resist moisture at every turn — and along every edge. Classic-Craft premium entryways have hardwood and composite edges that help prevent moisture penetration.

Take your door to the next level.

Extra details bring your vision to life.

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