Tough when you need it. Beautiful always.

Therma-Tru offers impact-rated glass that meets high-wind and coastal region codes and regulations, offering excellent performance in extreme weather conditions while providing added protection.

Constructed to help protect the interior of the home from flying debris and high winds associated with tropical storms and hurricanes, these products are tested to meet building codes and regulations in coastal regions, including parts of Florida, Texas and the Carolinas.* 

Impact-rated glass, made with special laminated glass, is designed for use with our impact-rated doors and our impact lite frame. Proper installation is required to comply with building codes. See your Therma-Tru dealer for product approvals and installation instructions.

*Product approvals show that the door system meets applicable codes when selected, assembled and installed as instructed.

Note: Always confirm building code requirements in your area before buying. Follow weather and news reports to assess severe weather situations and obey local authorities’ shelter and evacuation orders.

No product guarantees safety for persons or property, nor makes any premises hurricane- or impact-proof.