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What are the advantages of fiberglass over wood and steel? Unlike wood doors, fiberglass won't dent, crack, split or splinter. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass won't dent, rust or warp, either. Fiberglass also resists shrinking and swelling with temperature changes, allowing the finish to last three times longer than on a wood door. The solid polyurethane foam core offers five times greater insulation value than wood doors.

Why should I select a Therma-Tru door? Thermal-Tru is the market leader and innovator in fiberglass door technology. Our fiberglass doors are more durable and energy-efficient than wood or steel doors, and are backed by the best full-system warranties in the industry.

What types of fiberglass door does Therma-Tru offer? There are three lines of fiberglass doors to fit any budget: Classic-Craft, Fiber-Classic and Smooth-Star.

How can I get pricing for Therma-Tru doors? See your local Therma-Tru dealer for current pricing. Find your local dealers by using our Location Finder.

How can I get a list of local Therma-Tru dealers for my area? Use the Location Finder or call 1-800-843-7628.

How can I get a free Therma-Tru catalog? Complete the online request literature form or call 1-800-843-7628.

Where can I get replacement parts for my Therma-Tru door system? Replacement parts are available through your local Therma-Tru dealer. They cannot be ordered directly from Therma-Tru.

What are the rough opening dimensions for the Therma-Tru door systems? These dimensions can be found by clicking here: Book Size or U1 Revised

How do I install a Therma-Tru door system? Installation instructions and an installation video can be found by clicking here.

How do I install a peep hole or door knocker in a Therma-Tru door? Please refer to the peep hole and door knocker manufacturers' installation instructions on a flat part of the Therma-Tru door.

Are there trouble-shooting techniques for the Therma-Tru door systems? Yes. Trouble shooting advice can be found here.

How do I clean the glass in the screen vented door? In order to clean the glass the screen must be removed. The removal of the screen on Therma-Tru vented door is as follows: (1) Pull window up to its highest position (2) Stand on the outside of the door unit (3) At the two corner edges of the screen pinch the screen (4) Shifted the screen to the left or the right (5) At the opposite corner of the screen pull the screen towards you with your fingernail, a flat head screw driver, or a putty knife. The screen should pull out towards you.

What are the hinge finishes for Therma-Tru hinges? Brushed Nickel US15, Black Nickel US17A, Stainless Steel 304 Stainless, Zinc Dichromate US4, Bright Brass US3.

In what heights is Classic-Craft available? 6/8: 79.25 inches (2013 mm) 8/0: 95.25 inches (2419 mm)

Can fiberglass doors be exposed to chlorine fumes without any harm (pool area)? In general, we would not expect any problems, assuming that there is topcoat or paint on the door. The hydrochloric acid (muriatic) or some of the other chlorinated acids do attack the surface of the door skin irreversibly if concentrated enough (example brick wash-strength muriatic). The result is a surface that doesn't stain evenly with the surrounding surface. However, once painted/topcoated, this shouldn't be an issue.

Do locksets tarnish on doors and do they have to be caulked to prevent that? Brass locksets set up an electrochemical reaction with the zinc of electrogalvanized STEEL doors. It is a small battery. That will tarnish the locksets. Lock companies try to avoid this with plastic rings behind the escutcheon plates or application of caulk anything to break the electrical contact between the two: brass and zinc. FIBERGLASS DOORS DO NOT EXPERIENCE THE REACTION. No preventative action is needed.

What is the warranty on the Multi-point Locking System (MPL)? The warranty of the hardware following the door line example: Smooth Star Limited 20 year warranty.

What finish options are for the MPL? Entry Doors: Brass, Brush Nickel, Black Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze Patio Doors: White, Brass, Brush Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Is bevel in Bevelline glass polished or ground? Polished

Why do endrails not come all the way to the edge? The aesthetics of a dark brown rail appearing at the bottom and top of the Ponderosa pine stile is unacceptable for a stain-grade door. The background color is too strong. In addition the stains and paints don't adhere well to the polyolefin matrix material (like painting a Ziploc bag). It is generally a slower process for assembly, and the extra transverse cuts needed increase the costs of the endrails and stiles, the milling of which are predicated on linear cutting.

I am designing my home and having difficulty selecting a door. Do you have anything to help me in making my decision? Yes, Build Your Door program is available to help customers pick out door styles. Click here to access the program.

Does Therma-Tru offer CAD files? No, however there are files that are compatible with CAD here.

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