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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your on line CAD library?

Our current library is available in DXF format. If you know the model number of the product, simply type that into the "search" box in the upper right hand corner of the web page and click on the arrow. Then click the "line art" link, and select the download file.

Do you have system performance data for all of your products?

All of our Performance Data is found under the "Technical Information" tab on our web site. The data includes U Values, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Sound Transmission and Outdoor / Indoor Transmission Class, Design Pressures, and Fire Door Rating information.
You can also access product approvals and Energy Star approved products under the "Building Codes" tab. This includes information on Florida product approvals, Texas Department of Insurance, and the California Wildland Urban Interface.

Do you have Revit files for your products?

No, our current electronic files library only includes DXF files.

Where are your installation details?

Detailed installation and finishing instructions can be found on the web site under the "Technical Information" tab.

Do you have vertical and horizontal section views in addition to the elevation views of the products?

We do have these views in print format in our Architectural Details and Components Manual; contact your Therma Tru Representative for details. Only the elevation view is available on line in DXF files.

Where can I find the CSI 3 Part Specification?

The specification for fiberglass doors can be found on the web site under the "Technical Information" tab.

How thick is the fiberglass skin?

Skin thickness varies by product type, see the CSI 3 Part Specification for more detailed information.

Do you offer a complete rated system?

All of our product performance information can be found under the "Technical Information" tab on the web site. Most "system" related information would be included under the Product Approval section.

Do your products qualify under the Texas Department of Insurance guidelines?

Yes, many of our products will qualify under the TDI guidelines. Please refer to the information under the "Building Codes" tab for hinged doors and impact doors.

Do you offer pre-finished products?

No, we do not offer a factory pre-finish. Many of our fabricators nationally do offer this service, contact your local Therma Tru dealer for more information.

What is your water rating on a single leaf door with ADA sill?

Independent water ratings for these products are not available. It is strongly recommended that all products with ADA sills be installed in structures with appropriate overhang to assist in managing water intrusion.

Do all of your mulled products have a continuous head and sill?

Products can be assembled in either "boxed" configurations or with a continuous head and sill. Customers should state their preference when ordering.

Will you do a custom fiberglass door?

While many of our products can be trimmed in height to adapt to a custom opening, we do not typically manufacture custom "one off" products. Our product depth and breadth meets the most discerning requirements of our customers.

Do you offer 42" widths in all products?

We do offer an assortment of 42" width products, but not in every design. Please refer to our on line catalog for more details.

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