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Fiber-Classic Oak

Bring home the warm look and feel of Oak. The Oak Collection offers a traditional look that is still popular on homes today. The warmth of natural Oak grain brings the beauty of real wood to your home’s exterior with all the benefits of fiberglass. From curb appeal to convenience, Fiber-Classic entry doors are made to keep up with your lifestyle.

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  • 2 Lite 4 Panel
  • 3/4 Captured Oval Lite 1 Panel
  • 3/4 Captured Oval Lite 2 Panel
  • 3/4 Deluxe Oval Lite 2 Panel
  • 3/4 Lite 1 Panel
  • 3/4 Lite 2 Panel
  • Camber Top Lite 4 Panel
  • Center Arch Lite 7 Panel
  • Center Lite 2 Panel 3/4 Top
  • Fan Lite 4 Panel
  • Full Lite Flush
  • Full Lite Flush-Glazed
  • Full Lite W/ Stile Lines
  • Half Lite 2 Panel
  • Half Lite 2 Panel Flush-Glazed
  • Half Lite Flush
  • Twin Half Lite 2 Panel
  • 2 Panel 3/4 Top
  • 3 Panel Scroll
  • 3 Panel Square Top
  • 4 Panel Square Top
  • 6 Panel
  • 8 Panel
  • Flush Panel

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  • Blackstone
  • Crystalline
  • Sedona
  • Salinas
  • Maple Park
    Maple ParkMaple Park
  • Avonlea
  • Saratoga
  • Texas Star
    Texas StarTexas Star
  • Wellesley
  • Riserva
  • Concorde
  • Kensington
  • Axis
  • Frosted Images
    Frosted ImagesFrosted Images
  • Satin Etch
    Satin EtchSatin Etch
  • Chord
  • Chinchilla
  • Rainglass
  • Granite
  • Internal Blinds
    Internal BlindsInternal Blinds
  • Colonial Grille
    Colonial GrilleColonial Grille
  • Craftsman Grille
    Craftsman GrilleCraftsman Grille
  • Prairie Grille
    Prairie GrillePrairie Grille
  • Clear
  • No Glass
    No Glass

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    Energy Star Qualified

    ENERGY STAR qualified doors save energy, save you money, increase the comfort of your home, and protect your valuable possessions from sun damage. They are also better for the environment because lowering your energy use means less air pollution from power plants. And, Therma-Tru fiberglass doors offer thermal efficiency that is three to seven times greater than traditional wood doors, according to testing performed in our Advanced Technology Center in Edgerton, Ohio.

    Available Finish Options

    Our finishing system includes a full range of the most popular colors, so you can easily match your home's exterior and interior design. You can control the tone of the finish simply by using more or less of the stain.

    *Colors shown here may vary from actual application due to uncontrollable factors such as the lighting in your room and monitor settings.


    Light Oak


    English Walnut

    Natural Oak




    We suggest painting Therma-Tru Doors with high-quality acrylic latex house paint.

    For Sherwin Williams store locations call 1-800-4SHERWIN

    Suggested Sherwin Williams Superpaint™ codes

    Bronze White Stone Almond
    A89T54 A89W07 A89W53 A89W51
    N1 10/32 R2 1/128 B1 9/32 B1 4/32 +1/64
    R2 13/32 B1 1/64 W1 10/32 Y3 19/32
    W1 39/32 N1 1/64 N1 2Y +46/32 N1 2Y +18/32
    B1 6Y +62/32      

    *Sherwin Williams colors numbers are for 1 gallon mixes.

    Clavos & Strap Hinge

    Add rustic styling with our clavos and strap hinge decorative hardware in an authentic hand-hewn black finished look, including round and pyramid clavos available in three sizes and 18" long strap hinges.

    Dentil Shelves

    Add an optional 4- or 16-block dentil shelf for a more historically correct door. Both dentil shelves have detailed graining and durable fiberglass.

    Grille Options

    We offer a variety of traditional or contemporary decorative grilles. Grilles options include fixed grilles, removable wood grilles and grilles sealed between the glass.

    Our fixed grilles come with multiple grille lite options.

    Our removable wood grilles give an elegant accent to full light doors. And the grilles are easily removed, making it a snap to stain or paint them.

    Our doors with grilles sealed between the glass (GBG), have the energy efficiency of our double-paned clear glass doorlites, with the added beauty of doors with grilles.

    Grille Styles:

    2 Lite

    3 Lite

    4 Lite

    6 Lite

    10 Lite

    15 Lite


    For additional grill options, please contact a Therma-Tru representative at 800-537-8827.

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