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Bring home the warm look and feel of Oak. The Oak Collection offers a traditional look that is still popular on homes today. The warmth of natural Oak grain brings the beauty of real wood to your home’s exterior with all the benefits of fiberglass. From curb appeal to convenience, Fiber-Classic entry doors are made to keep up with your lifestyle.

Transom : Fiber-Classic Oak

About this Transom

This Transom is available with different features. The table below breaks down the various product options by size and available features. You should work with an authorized Therma-Tru dealer and/or your builder to determine the best option for your home based on environment and region of the country.


  • Finish Option: Stainable Paintable

  • Installation
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Keystone Glass

Privacy Scale Rating *

Keystone Features
The Keystone glass design features swirled gray baroque glass that surrounds an elegant cluster design of beveled glass. The pattern is accented by rounded brass caming. This design is protected between two panes of safety tempered glass for increased durability and energy efficiency.  

*Note: Glass privacy ratings are determined by the ½ lite size glass. As a result, the amount of privacy/glass transparency may be more or less than indicated by the privacy rating, based on glass design and the size of the glass that's inserted into the door, sidelite or transom. Glass design may differ from depiction due to size of glass. Please consult your Therma-Tru dealer for more details.