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Entry Door System Components

When you purchase a Therma-Tru door, you receive far more than just a beautiful door. Our entry doors are accompanied with a complete system of components that were designed and engineered to work together to provide lasting performance, security and energy efficiency. And all this is backed by a full system warranty.

Learn more by selecting door system components from our Classic-Craft®, Fiber-Classic® and Smooth-Star® fiberglass doors, and our Profiles™ and Traditions steel doors below. Many of these components also are part of Therma-Tru’s Tru-Defense® System, which provides severe weather protection.

What’s Inside

Weather Strip


Door Frame


Door Bottom


Decorative Glass

Corner Seal Pad

A Therma-Tru entry door system is a door system built for you by independent dealers, construction professionals or others using components manufactured or recommended by Therma-Tru to work together to provide performance, security and energy efficiency.  Consult your dealer for more information about options to create your entry door system.

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