Multi-Family 90-Minute Steel Fire Doors

90-minute steel fire doors are ideal for multi-family new construction and remodeling. These doors deliver the dependability, reliability and style you expect from Therma-Tru.

These all-inclusive systems come complete with door, frame, weatherstripping, door-sweep, threshold and hinges. They also come with a 90-minute positive pressure fire-rating and a 20-minute smoke and draft rating*. 90-minute steel fire doors feature steel edge construction that provides enhanced security, durability and strength. Pre-coated steel helps prevent rust and allows for easy field finishing, and superior paint adhesion.

24-Gauge Steel-Edge Steel Doors

  • SE210HD

  • SE100

  • SE514**
    Square Top

  • SE969HD
    Scroll Top

  • SE978HD
    Square Top

  • SE1005HD
    Soft Arch


*Note: Door must be installed in a Therma-Tru Adjusta-Fit® 2 Frame with a smoke and draft Intumescent seal to achieve a 90-minute positive pressure rating.

**Note: Not a high-definition panel embossment.

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