Stain & Paint Finishing Options

New Same-Day® Stain

We've created an all-inclusive Same-Day Stain Kit that lets you stain your entry door easily in one day. With a faster drying time than traditional oil- and gel-based stains you will finish the project in one day and move on to other things.

Our Same-Day Stain will resist fading, bleaching, and chalking, and comes in a wide choice of colors to match your home's décor and architecture.

We recommend using our proprietary Same-Day Stain Kit for staining our Classic-Craft and Fiber-Classic entry and patio doors.

Staining Tips:

Painting Your Therma-Tru Door

For our smooth finish door options, we suggest painting Therma-Tru Doors with high-quality acrylic latex house paint.

Paint Color Codes

We suggest Priming Therma-Tru Doors with Sherwin William DTM™ Bonding Primer part #B66A50. We suggest painting doors with high-quality acrylic latex house paint.

For Shermin Williams store locations call 1-800-4SHERWIN

For Bronze, White, Stone and Almond we recommend the following paint codes. All other colors available at customer's preference.

Suggested Sherwin Williams Superpaint™ codes

Bronze White Stone Almond
A89T154 A89W116 A89W153 A89W1151
N1 10/32 R2 1/128 B1 9/32 B1 4/32 +1/64
R2 13/32 B1 1/64 W1 10/32 Y3 19/32
W1 39/32 N1 1/64 N1 2Y +46/32 N1 2Y +18/32
B1 6Y +62/32      

*Sherwin Williams colors numbers are for 1 gallon mixes.

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