The Refined Simplicity trend appeals to those who see their home as a haven and seek clarity with purposeful design. Warm minimalism inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design aesthetics blends with the popular American Farmhouse style as homeowners reframe their space as a tranquil and comforting sanctuary.

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Natural Materials

Cladding options around cozy niches for windown bump-outs, outdoor seating with various colors and materials and tightly woven linen or burlap are just some of the materials that bring out the Refined Simplicity trends.  

Refined Textures

Homes that represent the Refined Simplicity trend include Modern Craftsman, Modern Farmhouse, Simple Barn and The Barnhouse. These homes often feature tailored trim work, artisan accents and high-contrast elements to create an effortless statement of style.

Geometric Accents

Geometric accents in the Refined Simplicity trend include angled planks, bold square columns, thin planks, tailored herringbone and taller, blackened beams.