Eased Elegance draws in homeowners who are grounded in the establishment of traditional design. Mixing relaxed design cues with historic origins, this trend reinvents heritage architecture to deliver traditional design for today’s modern consumer and reflects an updated look with an inviting aesthetic.

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Grand Arches

Arches re-shape the traditional colonial facade with a focus on the the entry and surrounding windows. 

Relaxed Design Cues

Decorative details are light and airy - think thin for railing details and SDL bars. Repetitive diamond shapes, reeded glass, relaxed finishes, frosted glass and traditional geometrics are some of the relaxed design cues that gives Eased Elegance it's unique styling.

Historic Origins

Homes that represent the Eased Elegance trend include Relaxed Colonial, Modern Tudor, Modern Victorian and Neo-Colonial. These homes often feature tall peaks, natural wood accents and warehouse windows that create a light and airy space while still preserving historic design roots