Genuine Therma-Tru® weatherstrip is specifically engineered in a variety of profiles to provide the best possible fit with our door systems, helping to deliver a precise seal between the door and frame. Without precision engineering in this critical area, misfitting weatherstrip can create gaps that allow air and moisture to pass through between the door and jamb.


Tru-Defense Eligible

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Available Colors - White, Bronze

Family Options - Medium Reach Side, Medium Reach Head, Long Reach Side, Long Reach Head, Lock, Head, Shorter Reach Side, Short Reach Side, Outswing Weatherstrip Sealing Pack

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Removable Weatherstrip

  • Engineered in a variety of profiles for a precise seal between the door and frame.
  • Kerf-applied to fit securely into the top and sides of the jamb; removable for finishing.
  • Resilient design compresses when closed and springs back when open for long-lasting sealing power.
  • Flexible, foam-filled material holds its shape over time, protected by a durable jacket to resist moisture and wear