Astragals cover the margin between double doors to help complete the seal against air and moisture infiltration, with aluminum construction for stability, holding power and durability.

Aluminum Astragal

Tru-Defense Eligible

Product Options

Available Families - Aluminum Stainable, Aluminum Standard, Aluminum Coastal

Handle Options - Right Hand or Left Hand

Available Heights - 8'0", 6'6", 6'8", 7'0"

Available Lock Types - Lock & Deadbolt, MPLS

Spacing Options - 7/8"

Swing Options - Outswing, Inswing

Aluminum Colors

Additional Information
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  • Attach to the passive door and lock in place with shootbolts to cover the margin between double doors and help complete the seal against air and moisture infiltration.
  • Help provide stability, holding power and lasting durability with aluminum construction that provides more strength than wood.
  • Offered with a durable, rot-resistant vinyl wrap in a wood-grained, stainable texture or smooth, paintable aluminum to complement the look of the door and home.

Note: Coastal option also available with thicker aluminum construction and a longer shootbolt to provide improved resistance to wind-driven moisture infiltration.

Astragal Boot provides enhanced sealing power. Genuine Therma-Tru® astragals help deliver enhanced sealing power. Our astragals feature a secure bottom boot designed to fit tightly to the astragal and engineered to work with the active bottom sweep for an enhanced seal across the sill.

Astragal Boot

To confirm code requirements in your jurisdiction, always check with your local building code authority. 

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