A Therma-Tru door with genuine Therma-Tru components is a complete door system, offering uncompromising quality inside and out. Therma-Tru manufactures or specifies every aspect – from the glass to the hinges – all engineered with craftsman precision for durability and reliability through the years, that we back with our warranty

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Sills and Sill Protection

The sill and bottom sweep form a tight seal against wind-driven moisture infiltration at the bottom of the door and help channel moisture away from the home. The sill pan (recommended) adds an extra layer of protection to help keep moisture away from the subfloor. The optional Composite Adjustable Sill is made from a composite material that won’t rot, warp or split, and is adjustable for an air-tight seal at the door bottom.

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Corner Seal Pads

Corner seal pads complete the seal between the sill cap, bottom sweep and weatherstrip to help block potential pathways where wind-driven moisture can infiltrate the bottom corner of the door system. Optional 7-Shape Corner Seal Pads include our patented jamb assembly, featuring the 7-shape corner seal pad which creates an air pocket that helps prevent a vacuum from wicking moisture up the weatherstrip.

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Hinges position the door to properly compress the weatherstrip to help form a tight, even seal against air and moisture infiltration when the door closes.

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Engineered in a variety of profiles to provide the best possible fit with our door systems, weatherstrip helps to deliver a precise seal between the door and frame.

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Multi-Point Locking System

This recommended locking system engages the door and frame at three points from top to bottom, helping to preserve the weatherstrip’s seal even under wind pressure. The MPLS includes the handleset, hinges and strike plate.

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Lip-Lite Frame

The lip-lite frame features a compression seal against weather on the outside of the door and an adhesive seal against weather on the outside of the glass.

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Astragals cover the margin between double doors to help complete the seal against air and moisture infiltration, with aluminum construction for stability, holding power and durability.

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Frame Components

Check with your Therma-Tru dealer for options to complete your door system, including rot-resistant brickmould, jambs, mullions and coil cladding manufactured to our specifications.

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