A new focus on style.

The new Classic Craft series celebrates the best of design for homes with uncompromising style. Three curated collections draw inspiration from the latest trends and bring your home design vision to life with unrivaled beauty, luxe craftsmanship and an attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else. Watch the video for a preview of the new Classic Craft coming in 2021.

Explore three curated collections.

Artíssa Collection

Casual | Relaxed | Simple

Rooted in the nostalgia of simpler times, the Artíssa Collection pays homage to the handmade culture of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Highlighting the beauty of straight-forward design, this selection of premium Classic Craft doors features clean lines, Shaker styling and Craftsman-inspired glass for a casual and welcoming approach to the entryway.

Founders Collection

Traditional | Time-Honored | Decorative

A revival of traditional and rustic styling, the Founders Collection honors the historic significance of classically inspired design. Taking a more decorative approach to the entryway, this selection of premium Classic Craft doors includes curved and arched details, embellished panel embossments and intricate glass designs for a noteworthy entrance with enduring style.

Visionary Collection

Modern | Confident | Minimal

Artfully inspired with a confident edge, the Visionary Collection pushes the envelope of design for the next generation. Focusing on a streamlined aesthetic with a modern flair, this collection of premium Classic Craft doors reimagines the entry with sleek lines, forward-thinking designs and minimalist details for an entrance that exudes confidence with bold appeal.

Why is Classic Craft changing?

Research shows consumers and trade professionals are gravitating toward design styles that primarily fall into three categories: casual, traditional and modern. With that in mind, we have reorganized the Classic Craft product line to better align with their shopping process.

In addition, this repositioning provides an opportunity to create greater distinction for Classic Craft and better differentiate it from our everyday product lines. The Classic Craft series exudes the highest craftsmanship and quality from Therma-Tru and should be distinguished as such as we continue to add new products that are exclusive to this collection of premium fiberglass entryways.

Why organize Classic Craft into style-based collections?

According to research when shopping for the home, consumers and trade professionals are drawn to design styles first. The grain and texture of a product is less important in the decision-making process. By reorganizing Classic Craft into style-based collections, we’re helping consumers and trade professionals shop by their style preference while guiding them to the right collection via imagery and contextual cues.

What’s happening with the existing Classic-Craft collections?

The existing Classic Craft door styles from the current collections will still be available and are being reorganized into three style-based collections – Artíssa, Founders and Visionary. These new collections will include doors with a variety of textures. In addition, we will introduce a new Walnut grain to the Classic Craft series, and will merge the former Classic-Craft Mahogany and Classic-Craft Rustic collections.

Will the Classic Craft warranty change with the repositioning?

Along with the Classic Craft repositioning, Therma-Tru will begin offering an enhanced warranty for our premium product line. All Classic Craft products purchased on or after January 1, 2021, will be backed by a 1x transferable lifetime limited warranty. This means when a homeowner installs a Classic Craft premium entryway in their home and then sells that home, the next homeowner will also be covered by the lifetime limited warranty.

In addition, if the Classic Craft door was prefinished with PrismaGuard® premium stain or paint, the balance of the 10-year limited finish warranty will also transfer to the new homeowner upon sale of the home. Refer to the warranty for more details.