Company Earns Recognition by the Home Safety Council for High-Performance Products that Protect Homes

MAUMEE, OH (June 1, 2005) – The Home Safety Council, which annually recognizes products and manufacturers for their safety innovations, has selected the Therma-Tru® Classic-Craft® fiberglass door system to receive its commendation seal for safety innovation.

The door systems were selected because of their outstanding performance in harsh weather conditions and the potential to create greater safety for residents in hurricane-prone areas of the country.

The National Weather Service is predicting another above normal hurricane season on the heels of the multiple hurricanes that occurred in 2004. Many Florida homeowners are still repairing their homes and hoping to have the construction complete before the next wave of storms arrive.

Much of this damage could have been prevented with innovative building materials and construction techniques. The goal for hurricane-resistant construction is to reduce or eliminate a breach in the outer building envelope. What occurs in many hurricane situations is that the windows or doors fail under heavy rains and strong winds. This causes the home to become internally pressurized, which can force the roof to lift off of the home or the exterior walls to explode outward.

Therma-Tru, which pioneered the fiberglass door industry, along with its Advanced Technology Center, conducted extensive research and testing to develop a door system that addresses this issue. The result – the Therma-Tru Classic-Craft line of entry door systems that provide lasting beauty and the ability to withstand hurricane-force winds with resistance far exceeding the industry standards.

The Classic-Craft family of entry door systems is built with advanced composites -- high-strength materials that outperform wood and steel -- especially in humid, salt-air environments where traditional door materials rot or rust. The core of the door features a full-length engineered composite stile, which adds rigidity to the door. All Classic-Craft doors feature AccuGrain Technology™, a proprietary technology which allows Therma-Tru to create doors that look like real wood, from distinctive, natural graining patterns to solid wood square edges to architecturally correct embossing and panels.

Most importantly for coastal residents, the Classic-Craft doors have a Design Pressure Rating (DP) as high as DP100, which exceeds the industry standard significantly. The DP rating reflects the level of wind force a door system can withstand without failing, leaking or cracking. The Therma-Tru doors can withstand 100 pounds force per square foot – equivalent to the static pressure generated by a 250 mph wind.

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