Therma-Tru Doors’ New Glass Options for Entryways Let in Light, Add Eye-Catching Drama and Enhance Curb Appeal

MAUMEE, Ohio (Feb. 1, 2008) ― Homeowners will welcome and wow their guests all at once with the latest decorative glass entryway options from Therma-Tru® Doors. Adding decorative glass adds value to the home, lets in light and allows homeowners to create an entryway to reflect their personal style or complement their home’s architectural style. The new introductions include three colorful decorative glass designs, half-round glass transoms, impact rated glass for added security and glass sidelites with internal blinds.

“We’ve seen decorative glass trends emerge in nearly every room of the home,” says Jim McElroy, general manager, product marketing, Therma-Tru Doors. “As homeowners look for fresh ways to personalize their home and add curb appeal, it’s only fitting that the entryway follows the same trend.”

Eye-Catching Arts & Crafts
A home’s architectural style often dictates the best door for the façade. To complement Arts & Crafts and Bungalow style architecture, Therma-Tru introduces two new decorative glass styles—Hazelton™ and Savannah™—to add character and brighten up the entry. Hazelton’s geometric pattern embodies the tradition of Craftsman design with shades of amber that stand out against clear bevels and iridescent seeded glass. Emphasizing the movement from ornate Victorian architecture to the American Craftsman with its straightforward floral design, Savannah has a delicate floral motif of amber petals and emerald leaves. Sunlight will dance across iridescent water glass, giving the illusion of early morning dew on a garden.
Hazelton™ glass Savannah™ glass

For a true reflection of Arts & Crafts architecture, Hazelton and Savannah are designed for Therma-Tru’s Classic-Craft® American Style Collection™. The collection provides simplicity, understated and straightforward style, solid construction and uncomplicated design—all hallmarks of the emergence of the bungalow in the early 1900s. Like all Classic-Craft fiberglass door systems, the American Style Collection provides the texture and feel of a real wood door with its patented AccuGrain™ technology, yet delivers the thermal performance and lasting durability of fiberglass. Homeowners can add an optional four- or 16-block dentil shelf to the door for a more historically correct look.

Hazelton and Savannah are available with brushed or black nickel caming for flush-glazed 6-foot-8-inch and 8-foot high doors with 12- or 14-inch full lite flush-glazed sidelites. The decorative glass styles are also available in rectangular transoms for single doors and doors with two sidelites.
Contemporize Your Corridor
Element, a glass design suited for modern architecture, presents a dramatic use of marble-like white glass with accents of red and strong lines of black nickel caming. The beautiful, handcrafted glass was designed by a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) to lend a decorative touch to Therma-Tru’s Smooth-Star® fiberglass, as well as its ProEdge™, Profiles™ and Traditions steel doors. Transcending form over function, Element glass can be selected for single or double doors with sidelites and in a transom. On entryways with multiple lites, the design flows across the doors and sidelites for an integrated look.
Element™ glass
Lighten Up At New Heights
For a grand entryway that illuminates with light, Therma-Tru adds half-round transoms to complete its line of above-the-door choices. The half-round transoms complement the growing trend of higher ceilings and grand entryways and are available in Therma-Tru’s most popular glass designs including Bella™, Ashurst™ and Blackstone™. Homeowners can add transoms to several door styles among all fiberglass and steel products lines.

In response to this same trend, Therma-Tru now offers full lite decorative glass designs for eight-foot tall openings in its Fiber-Classic® and Smooth-Star fiberglass and Traditions steel door styles. This new offering creates a broader selection of decorative glass with door styles at any price point.

Security, Privacy And Style
Two of the leading concerns homeowners have about decorative glass are related to security and privacy. Now, homeowners can rest assured that both of these concerns are addressed with Therma-Tru’s impact rated glass options and new internal blinds. The impact rated decorative glass uses Therma-Tru’s Lip Lite frame which is 30 percent thinner and more aesthetically pleasing than other commercial looking frames. Impact rated glass gives homeowners more protection against severe storm damage, including heavy winds, rain and flying debris and break-ins, while maintaining the curb appeal of the home. What’s more, the impact rated glass has been approved for installation in areas with the most stringent building codes and is available in clear, grilles between glass (GBG) and Low-E for improved energy efficiency.

For instant privacy and easy-to-operate mechanism, Therma-Tru brings internal blinds to its Fiber-Classic entry and patio line. Because the blinds are between the panes of glass, homeowners won’t have to contend with dust or damage. The blinds are fully adjustable to let the desired amount of light in or can be closed completely for ultimate privacy.

Visualizing what a new door style, especially with decorative glass, will look like can be a trying experience. To help homeowners visualize all of the elements of an entryway system, Therma-Tru launches its new Web-Based Door Designer tool that allows users to see how various door designs and decorative glass combinations will look with their home’s architectural style. The Door Designer is available online at

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