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Entry Doors

The front door says a lot about a home. Help your clients make a great first impression. Here you'll find information on our latest entry door introductions.

  1. New 6'8" & 8'0" Fiber-Classic® Mahogany Collection Styles

    New additions to the Fiber-Classic Mahogany Collection are designed to appeal to more homeowners. Top-selling door and sidelite styles feature the same deep Mahogany graining and high-definition panel embossments that embody the elegance of this collection.

    • On-trend new door styles expand this top-selling, growing product line to satisfy more homeowners.
    • Offers a differentiated portfolio of door styles in an in-demand hardwood grain to complement trends in home interiors.
    • Flush-panel door and sidelite offers flexibility to configure multiple products, including vented sidelites.
    • Available February 17, 2014.
  2. New Camber Top Glass Shape

    Experience natural light in the home, while maintaining the sense of security that comes with the privacy of a solid panel door. The camber top puts handcrafted decorative, privacy, and specialty glass within reach, adding a touch of appealing design at an exceptional value.

    • Entry price point makes glass accessible to a wide range of homeowners and provides an option for project with limited budgets.
    • A natural upgrade from a solid panel door to a door with glass.
    • Versatile design options allow for multiple applications, including entry and service doors, creating a cohesive exterior appearance.
    • Available February 17, 2014 for Fiber-Classic®, Smooth-Star®, Profiles & Traditions doors.
  3. Simulated Divided Lites — New Bars, Grid Patterns & Sizes

    Tailor the look of entry and patio doors with simulated divided lites (SDLs). Designed to add visual interest and complement a variety of home styles, SDLs can extend a home's divided lite look to every entry point, creating a cohesive exterior appearance.

    • Creates more than 400 different configurations with the addition of new grid patterns designed to pair with privacy, Low-E and clear glass, as well as GBGs and flush-glazed products.
    • Complements a variety of home and window styles by combining popular grid patterns, glass sizes and options, and door collections across entry and patio doors.
    • Option to increase sales margins by layering SDLs over GBGs to create a more authentic divided lite look.
    • Available February 17, 2014 for Fiber-Classic®, Smooth-Star®, Profiles & Traditions doors.
  4. Grilles Between Glass — New Bars, Grid Patterns, & Sizes

    Build interior and exterior appeal with grilles between glass (GBGs). Now available in a variety of colors and lite sizes, this easy-to-maintain option is designed to complement and enhance more home styles.

    • Creates up to 3,000 different configurations with the addition of new colors, shapes and grid patterns.
    • Meets homeowner demands for divided lite looks with 6'6", 6'8", 7'0" and 8'0" options.
    • Satisfies more homeowner needs by coordinating with window grid patterns and colors.
    • New color choices complement both wood-grained, stainable and smooth, paintable doors.
    • Available February 17, 2014 for Fiber-Classic®, Smooth-Star®, Profiles & Traditions doors.
  5. Pulse® — New Mahogany Grain & Echo Design Options

    With new designs and fiberglass grain choices, Pulse continues to gain momentum, catering to homeowners who want to make a bold statement with their entrance.

    • Meet new construction and remodeling market needs for homeowners seeking modern and eclectic entrances.
    • Establish a local leadership position in the contemporary niche with little to no competition.
    • Provide differentiated choices that align to personal tastes and individual home styles.
    • Upgrade Mid-Century Modern Ranch- and Bungalow-style homes from existing wood to fiberglass doors.
    • Available February 17, 2014.
  6. Cambridge Decorative Glass — New Black Nickel Caming

    As black nickel caming continues to grow in popularity with homeowners, Therma-Tru extends the option to Cambridge decorative glass for Classic-Craft premium entryways. With this addition, every Classic-Craft decorative glass family is now available with black nickel caming as an option.

    • Cambridge decorative glass features crystalline glue chip glass, clear curved bevels, double waterglass and now, black nickel caming, as well as brushed nickel and brass caming options.
    • Beautiful design achieves a modest 8 out of 10 glass privacy rating.
    • Available in more than a dozen glass shapes in Classic-Craft® Rustic Collection, Classic-Craft® Oak Collection and Classic-Craft® Canvas Collection premium entryways.
    • Available February 17, 2014.

Patio Doors

  1. Internal Blinds – New Design & Low-E Option

    Enjoy the privacy and convenience of a cordless blind enclosed between glass. Control the desired level of light and privacy with the simplicity of a single handle.

    • Low-E glass option expands line of internal blinds to satisfy more job requirements.
    • Meets homeowner needs for energy efficiency, privacy and light control.
    • Cordless design delivers a kid- and pet-friendly privacy option with a clean, modern appearance.
    • Blinds remain dust free, and glass is easier to clean than traditional blinds.
    • Energy-efficient Low-E glass can help reduce energy costs.
    • Available February 17, 2014 for Fiber-Classic®, Smooth-Star®, Profiles™ & Traditions entry doors
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