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Vinyl Patio Door

Are transoms available? Transoms are not available with New Vinyl Slider Patio Door System.

Are keyed locks available? Yes, keyed locks are available as a standard accessory item for this product. Patio configurator. Orders should be placed through Customer Service.

What hardware finish options are available for this product? The new Vinyl Patio Door System is available in white only and hardware is color matched to the unit.

What is the exterior casing profile? Any other options available? As with the previous SPD system, there are no exterior casing profiles. There is however, an integral Jchannel cavity for siding applications.

Do the prices include the screen and hardware? Yes and Yes.

What does the DP-50 upgrade include? Thicker stiffeners in the lock stile and interlock stile.

Are the door panels re-glazable? Yes.

Are the stationary door panels removable or are they part of the door frame? They are part of the door frame and not removable.

Are the 2 panel doors reversible before installation? Yes, the directions on how to reverse the panels are included in the instructions supplied with the new Vinyl Patio Door System.

What is LoE3 3663 glass (in laymen language)? LoE3 3663 with argon is a different coating technology superior to standard Low-E. See link:

Are the standard Low-E glass panels argon filled? What is argon? Yes. A gas injected in the IG for improved energy efficiency and higher performance.

Will the 2" primed extension jambs be loose or applied? Attachment clips are included.

What is the DP Rating before the DP-50 upgrade? DP-35. However the upgrade is only available on 5'0' x 6'6" and 6'0" x 6'6" systems.

Do you have a one page sell sheet with a picture of the new door and options listed? The 2009 New Products Catalog includes the New Vinyl Patio Door System in an opening and this content will also be included on the patio configurator as well.

Do we have a salesmen sample available? Vinyl Patio Sample will be available soon.

Will we continue to use the SPD terminology for the new door? SPD brand name will be discontinued as of the end of 2009.

Is the lock a single or dual point lock? Standard is an adjustable single point locking system that is tamper resistant

Are the fame and door panels welded? Yes, the PVC frame and panel sash are welded

Is there an option for seacoast hardware? Yes, optional stainless steel hardware offers excellent corrosion resistance for coastal and high exposure applications.

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