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Truck Graphics

Therma-Tru offers a truck graphics program for distributors and dealers. The graphics feature one of three full-color images and the Therma-Tru logo. The graphics will accommodate trucks from 16 to 53 feet; vans, pick-up trucks (small & large), and specific trailer sizes are available upon special request. The distributor or dealer can add his logo or company name to the graphics. The cost of the graphics, including the distributor's name and/or logo and installation, are eligible for a 50% credit through the promotional fund program.

Therma-Tru has partnered with a national supplier to assist you in developing and implementing a truck graphics program. Once you've had the opportunity to review the accompanying information, please contact Off Contact Productions to place your order.

Ordering Guidelines
  • First open and print the Fleet Graphic Order Form PDF file.
  • Review the Fleet Graphic Order Form and choose the graphic from the photo selection.
  • Fill out the order form with quantities of truck/trailers, including actual sizes of areas to be imaged. These measurements are important to properly size graphics to your fleet vehicles. If you have any questions about where the measurement should be taken, please contact Off Contact Productions for help.
  • Fax or mail your order form and include your company logo. Logos can be e-mailed to If no logo is on file, send a logo slick (camera art) by mail, this will start the order.
  • Off Contact Productions will confirm your order and provide a proof for approval prior to running production.
  • Off Contact Productions will determine if the installation process is turn key or certified referral and coordinate as necessary.

Fleet Graphics
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