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On-Hold Messaging

Therma-Tru offers reimbursement for on-hold messaging. Therma-Tru will reimburse at 50% the cost of the services devoted to Therma-Tru door systems.

On-hold messaging has many benefits:

  • Will improve your company's bottom line by promoting your products and services to interested callers.

  • Lets you provide important information to your customers quickly. Details on new locations, new products, new hours or phone numbers can all be easily communicated through customized on-hold messaging.

  • Reinforces your company's "top-of-mind awareness" among your existing and potential customers.

  • Enhances your company image. On-hold messaging can personalize a larger company or "build up" a smaller company. It also lets your callers know they haven't been disconnected.

  • Improves customer satisfaction by addressing commonly asked questions, providing useful information, or simply reminding your callers how important they are to your company.

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